About YCG

Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG) creates opportunities for youths and communities to effect positive local social change, strengthened by global partnerships.



Youth Challenge Guyana was established to offer young people from Guyana and across the world an opportunity to make significant contributions to community development projects while gaining valuable leadership and problem solving skills.

Featured Profiles

Samantha Humphrey
  • Samantha Humphrey

  • Samantha is the Program Support Manager at Youth Challenge Guyana. She enjoys this role as it allows her to interact wit[...]
Culburn Abel
  • Culburn Abel

  • Culburn is a Voluntary HIV Counseller Tester who has worked in the Health Department since 2008. He enjoys interacting w[...]
Atesha Christie
  • Atesha Christie

  • Atesha has held the position of program support officer since January 2013. She enjoys working with YCG because it allow[...]
Allana Walters
  • Allana Walters

  • Allana  is the Health Programs Manager at YCG. She started volunteering with the organization in 2008 and was intrigued [...]